Saturday, 7 May 2011

The (second) Last Supper

It's come to that time of the holiday: the inevitable countdown to the end; when knowing that there is nothing you can do to stop time doesn't deter you from your desperate quest to do just that.

Actually, we are just short of a week from the end. Still, we are in our last weekend in the UK, and we are in Norfolk with the Webers to say "tot siens", so the end really has started.

Yesterday we took the scenic route to Norwich. We decided to take the train, and found the 2 hour trip from London rather enjoyable. The English countryside really is very beautiful. If it weren't for the fact that I was doing my UNISA assignments during the journey, I couldn't have enjoyed it more!

Aunty Lynne came home from the hospital yesterday. We are happy to say that she's doing well, and moving around, and trying to follow the doctor's order to rest! :)Of course though, this does mean that we have had to get a new tour-guide: uncle Eddie.
(we are very grateful that he's taken time out of everything to host us this weekend)

Today uncle Ed took us to Holt (an award-winning little village, well known for its many shop spots), Sheringham (a coastal village where the Webers used to camp) and Wroxham (on the Broads, where Roy - whomever he is - owns all the shops!). In addition this, we got to see Tim play in the Norfolk Cup (which they won), and visited the local cricket club (where we got to meet the entire Spenceley clan). So after a long day, we are preparing for our last braai (SA style) in the country.

Being here feels so much like home. Andel and I have wondered about how and why we feel so comfortable and welcome here, and have come to this conclusion: home is where your family is!

ps. The camera battery died this afternoon while we were at the rugby so once I've collated the camera and phone pics, I'll do a photo update.

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  1. Ag, we're sommer sad for you now and wish we could've been on that train ride with you! Forgive us, but we're counting the days too...