Monday, 16 January 2012

Birthday Boy

Today Andel turned twenty eight - a day he's been looking forward to since he turned twenty seven! Unlike most other men his age, Andel loves the fact that he's getting older, and thanks to Virgin Active who gives all staff members a day off for their special day, makes sure that every birthday is jam-packed with all things he likes to do. This year was no different:

08h00: Andel opened his eyes just long enough for me to wish him and say goodbye as a left for work.

Peanut's card to Daddy

08h30: Andel had birthday breakfast at the Spur (sponsored by Peanut)

09h30: Andel went for a 2 hour cycle to Kirstenbosch (in already 35'degree heat!)

Andel checking out our future neighbourhood :)

12h00: Andel came home to wash his car, and have a bite to eat.

13h30: Andel went to the driving range with Papu and Dennis (a friend from church) for 3 hours!

16h30: I got home to an empty house... Andel joined a little later :)

18h30: The Hendricks clan came round for dinner and birthday cake

Six large pizzas demolished by the famiglia!

Final result

Birthday cake: baked and iced by Robyn, and decorated by Jorja

What a blessed day! And what a good thing Andel managed one like this. After all, it may be the last he gets for a while yet. As he mentioned this evening, next year I may leave Peanut at home with him!

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  1. I'm so glad that Andel enjoyed his birthday. From the photos, it is clear he did. So lucky!