Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bitter Sweet Goodbye

I'd never have thought this would feel so weird...

Today was my last day at Virgin Active: a company I've spent the last 5 years working for.

During my time here I have had 5 job titles, and worked in 10 clubs all across Cape Town. I have managed nearly 100 franchise business partners, facilitated more than 20 different fitness products, and qualified 30 staff members to work in the industry as Personal Trainers.

I have had 8 weeks holiday, and even less sleep. While working here I got pneumonia, mumps, and had all my wisdom teeth extracted. I have done approximately 300 opening (o4h30) shifts, and worked on New Years Day every year!

While it's been a long, often challenging season, it has brought irreplaceable experiences:
This is where I learnt to labour, lead, love and live. This is where I got my first real job. How I paid off my student loan. When I bought my first car. Where I met my husband, got married, and (much) later, found out that we were pregnant. I have made lasting friendships, valuable connections and many precious memories.

Today I say goodbye to this world, these old familiar places, and all my former dreams, and exchange them for a new path, and a fresh tomorrow.

Who could have known how bitter sweet this would taste...


  1. ...And no more black and red clothes - unless you choose to don those tones!

  2. and now to start all over, creating all new connections and memories. enjoy it!