Friday, 21 November 2014

The Big Five & The Eatery

Looking back, nothing about this past year has been coincidental. In Biblical numerics (I hope I haven't gotten that wrong like astronomy and astrology!) the number five represents grace, and as I reflect on five years of marriage, the last 12 months have been all about grace. You just need to take a look at the blog posts and you'll see.

21 November 2009 - we look so young!

As is customary each November, Andel and I try to celebrate our anniversary traditionally. In the past it's been relatively easy (as explained in last year's post), but this year - wood - was not! What can you do/get with that?! And just when we thought of the perfect thing (a rocking chair - so cool!) - we saw the price!

So we had to improvise. A lot. Still, given our current circumstances, just to have the chance to hang out together without children, bicycles and other distractions was pretty amazing!

It's actually our anniversary today, but considering that Andel is already on his way to Swellendam to participate in the Coronation Double Century team race tomorrow morning, we did a little pre-anniversary celebrating last night.

In light of the 'wood' theme we considered a few places including Asoka Bar (with a huge tree growing in the middle of the place) and Trees Restaurant, but in the end, after stumbling across the place just yesterday afternoon, we decided to venture outside of the places we knew, and try out The Eatery. We were not disappointed!

The Eatery - 70 Constantia Road, Wynberg
Photo courtesy of The Eatery

The Eatery opened just last Saturday. It's a quaint, simple little restaurant with minimalistic design and these homely wooden (see the wood?) tables. The make all their food on a wood (see it again?) fired grill, and pride themselves on producing fresh, wholesome and dare I say healthy food. I'm not absolutely certain, but from what I can tell by the food, it seems they are linked to Eat Out The Box (probably my favourite take out place), which is right next door. They are (currently? permanently? I'm not sure) unlicensed so they don't sell any liquor, but they encourage you to bring your own, and don't charge any corkage fees or anything like that.

So we decided to share the Piggy Popper starter. We were warned that it was hot - and boy, was it - but it was also absolutely mouth watering: JalapeƱo peppers stuffed with mozzarella cheese, wrapped in streaky bacon, served with a sweet cranberry dipping sauce.

Mouthwateringly hot and heavenly!

We then quickly got into the mains. Andel had the sirloin in a wet rub of extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, Dijon mustard, salt and freshly cracked black pepper. He went traditional and took a side of chips with it. I decided to try the vegetarian special for the day: black mushroom grilled on a wood fire served on cauliflower mash with grilled seasonal veggies and a chimichurri sauce. Divine!

Andel's portion more than it looks - bad angle, sorry!
Photo courtesy of The Eatery

As we had opted for an early dinner, we decided not to do dessert at The Eatery (not that the options weren't very tempting), and instead take a drive around the peninsula. We got to see the last little bits of sunset as we passed by Hout Bay, and were welcomed into Town by the bright city lights. Still quite full-bellied from our dinner, we opted to get milkshakes at Fire and Ice Hotel instead of dessert.

Ferrero Roche for me, and Lindt Chocolate for Andel

So in the end, I guess you could say we got some of the wood we wanted. More importantly though, we got to celebrate the last five years. Ours is a marriage that is far from perfect (that's a given when you have two very imperfect people in it). We've not had an issue-free, smooth ride all along. But we've had a lot of grace, and God's protected and provided for us, and for that we are most grateful.

Andel, you are such a blessing to me: an amazing husband and doting father. I love that you know me - my strengths and my faults - and still love me. You are my hero, my companion, my helpmate and my friend. May God bless us with many more years together. Ti amero per sempre.

The Eatery is currently having a promotion where for November, if you quote "Eat Out The Box" when booking, you get 20% off your bill. Check out Go try it - you won't be sorry!

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  1. Now who 'wooden' enjoy that?! Blessings on you both and wishing you manyore blessed years.