Wednesday, 3 December 2014

And Button Is A ...

... twin!

I'm kidding! But it could have been, what with twins everywhere in both our families!

Last Friday we went for our 21-22 week check up and anomaly scan. It was a significant update for us because (a) we are leaving for Ireland today for a month, and (b) we thought we may be able to confirm Button's gender.

With Zac, Jorja informed us pretty early that we were getting two boys (well, we were getting one, and her parents were getting the other), so we thought we'd try the same approach this time. Well, while Jorja has been hoping for a girl to even out the numbers - and I don't blame her, having to deal with Ethan, Zac and Matthew all the time  - Zac has been absolutely mum on the topic. No matter how many times, in different ways, various people have asked him "Zac-i, are you getting a brother or a sister?", he either says "no" or just ignores them altogether!

Well, we are happy to announce that little Button is a growing, healthy little BOY - and I must admit I'm a little relieved.

Please let me be clear: we in no way think that one gender is better than the other, and would have been just as happy having a little girl. I do think though that, given Zac is a boy, it's not quite as scary to consider going through the newborn phase knowing that we've had a little boy before. Of course, the chance that we may have another adventurous, busy, strong-willed boy like Zac, now that's a very serious risk.

On the up side - for me, anyway - knowing that we've having another little boy does increase my chances of persuading Andel to give it another go for a little girl in a few years' time! *wink wink*

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