Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pink or Blue

It was only a matter of time before this post came out. It's inevitable that, once a pregnancy has been announced, the next question is going to be something along the lines of: "are you going to find out what it is?" (as though it could be anything other than a baby) or "what are you hoping for? (again, as though we'd be hoping for anything other than a healthy baby). Find a pregnant woman, and you can bet your bottom dollar someone in her circle is using on her one of the many old wives' tales that become the metre-stick of baby gender prediction against which every pregnancy is measured. I'm no different.

Both Ouma and Yaya are predicting another boy, while a couple close friends have already called it girl. So just for fun, let's look at some of the (crazy) myths and methods, and see how well (or poorly) I'm fairing this time around. Bear in mind, I'm a little short of half way, so the accuracy of these results are even more questionable!

Are you carrying high or low?
I'm not sure. I think low. Apparently shorter folk always look like they're carrying low. I can say that I'm carrying big though. With Zac, at 22 weeks I still looked as though I was just bloated after a big lunch, and only really shot out in the third trimester. With this one, I'm already that size now.
Verdict = Boy

How fast is baby's heart rate?
I should probably know this. I don't.
No verdict

Have you had any skin breakout?
Yes, although not too bad. I've had one or two zits of the kind I've not seen since puberty.
Verdict = Girl (marginally)

How much nausea have you had?
I'm not good with gauging nausea. I get all kinds of motion sickness, so there's a not of nausea I'm used to. Compared to Zac I felt a slightly different queasy, but I still wasn't properly sick. There was always something (usually guava or a chip roll) that made me feel ok, and in two pregnancies I've never thrown up.
Verdict =  Girl?

How are your cravings?
Oh my word, in the first trimester all I wanted was a mini chip roll with lots of salt and vinegar. I'm not a strict banter, but I do usually eat very little carbohydrates including grains, pastas, rice etc (before this pregnancy I had not bought bread for three years) and yet for some reason, as with Zac, as soon as those two lines appeared on the stick, all I wanted was a sarmie!
Verdict = Boy!

How is your hair growth?
Great! This is one of my favourite parts of pregnancy. I had quite a drastic haircut just before finding out about this pregnancy, and already it's grown considerably (and had a trim). I love having longer, fuller, healthier hair.
Verdict = Boy (but to be fair, doesn't this happen to every pregnant woman, regardless of gender?)

What is the shape of your pregnant abdomen?
Round. I have no muscle tone (I never recovered from Zac) so it's all one big bump of belly.
Verdict = Girl

How has your face changed?
Not much really - well, not that anyone has mentioned. Yet.
Verdict = Boy (possibly)

How 'big' are your legs?
Man, this is the first place I notice an enlargement - even if I've not yet put on much additional weight. My bum and thighs are definitely not very flattering right now!
Verdict = Boy

Has baby's dad been gaining weight?
Andel has been banting on and off, and has lost 20kg since the beginning of the year. While he has been indulging in more (too many) treats than usual he's also doing so much additional cycling, I really can't say for sure.
No verdict

Has your chest size changed?
Yes! With Zac my breasts were small pretty much until he was due. This time around I can feel my tops getting tighter!
Verdict = Girl

Which side do you prefer to sleep on?
The left side is more comfortable - but this is probably also psychological as I know that it's healthier to sleep on this side.
Verdict = Boy

Can you tell you're pregnant from behind?
Not really. Yet. I think. You couldn't tell at all with Zac. I think we'll have to see with this one.
Verdict = Boy (perhaps)

Final Score:
Boy 7 - Girl 4

While it's likely we'll be able to see the real verdict at our next check up, chances are we'll probably keep it as our little secret for a while yet...


  1. I vote for....Healthy! haha Either way this kid is gonna be awesome just like his/her big brother Zac! <3