Friday, 17 October 2014

The WAG, The Rant & The Roadster

If you've read some of my previous posts you'll know I'm usually quite an enthusiastic WAG. Whether it's rugby or cycling I am, more-often-than-not, somewhere in the thick of things (quietly) supporting from the sideline. So I don't know if it's being pregnant or impatient (or a bit of both), but I am quickly losing my zeal  for this.

According to my nearest and dearest, it may be entirely understandable though. After all, cycling training (never mind rugby for now as this only featured one month this year) is a time consuming exercise. In order to prepare for a 100km race, you have to be doing 100km distances (you get what I mean). Add to this that you cycle with other people (which can often mean it takes longer, not shorter to complete), and that the group never sets out before 06h30 or 07h00 - this can be a nearly all-day affair.

This is what 2014 has looked like so far:
  • January - Andel was recovering from his shoulder op. This meant no cycling, but tons of rehab, and lots of moaning (on his part).
  • February - While he should still have been recovering, Andel was now cycling in preparation for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
  • March - Cape Town Cycle Tour. Need I say more?
  • April - Here we experienced a short break - and by short I mean, maybe a week or two because despite being told not to play rugby, Andel went to a few training sessions when he wasn't cycling.
  • May - Andel entered the Knysna Rotary Cycle Tour, and prompty started training for it.
  • June - By this time Andel had decided he was also going to do the Coronation Double Century race in November. As this is a team race, he joined the eta College team which met more than they cycled at first. Still, Andel was also training for Knysna.
  • July - Knysna came and went. It was a hectic race in terribly windy conditions. Still there was no rest after this, as the DC training schedule came out: 18 weeks of training for this 202km race.
  • August: DC training.
  • September: DC training.
  • October: DC training, including West Coast and One Tonner races, with the actual DC and Die Burger races a week apart on 22nd and 30th November.

So to Andel:
As we reach the end of this part of a seemingly perpetual season, I just want to tell you I am so very proud of all the things you have achieved on and with your bike this year - including losing 20kg to improve your cycling. I am still your biggest fan. I just simply cannot wait for a break from the almost 30 weekend mornings this year so far I've spent as a single parent: juggling things at home (usually doing washing and hoping that you've not fallen or been hit by a bus somewhere), attending social engagements alone (because you were running late) and being run ragged by Zac.
Please note that we have a baby on the way four weeks after next year's Cape Town Cycle Tour. I promise to try keep him/her in long enough for you to complete the race, but know that thereafter, as soon as I am able, next year is my training year!
All my love, the #1 WAG x