Friday, 24 October 2014

Ten Things I'd Do If I Could Just Catch A Break

Perhaps it's the weather: the early morning sunrise and lazy afternoon sunsets. Perhaps it's the time of year: 35 school weeks down, with just 6 more to go. Perhaps it's my age. Whatever it is, I could really do with a break!

Of course we all have those "if money were not an option, I would take a holiday to..." ideas, but the reality is money is an option - much like time, commitments, responsibilities, families and work. So what if you could have a weekend - or even just a day - where none of these mattered. What would you do?

Here are my current top 10 things (in no particular order) I'd do if I could just catch a break:

1. Read
I can count on one hand the number of non-academic books I've read since Zac was born two and a half years ago. Seriously. I had amazing reading plans for my maternity leave, and then when it arrived sleep was so much more valuable! These days if I find a 100 pager that I can quickly read on the toilet or in the bath (preferably in one sitting) that's about the best I can do, so to pick up a crime novel or human interest story would be a real treat!

Since watching the movie I really want to read this!

2. Swim
Despite coming from the health and wellness industry, I do not get around to training. Mostly this is because I don't really enjoy it. The only thing I can get into without too much effort or moaning is swimming. However, I've not always had the time or access to a training pool (because I can't just splash around), so I've not done too much of it lately. Just the thought of a good km or two, gliding through the cool water... I feel relaxed already.

3. Nap
Have I mentioned how tired I am lately? I can be asleep by 21h00, and when I wake up at 06h00 the next morning, I still feel exhausted. I blame the pregnancy. It's ridiculous. Perhaps it's all these vivid dreams I'm having. Oh to wake up and feel human!

4. Bake
I would call myself a bit of an experimental cook, which usually means I often have to try a dish out a few times before I can confidently subject anyone to it. Baking is more my thing. In particular I enjoy decorating what I've baked. The last proper-fondant-icing-covered cake I made was in September 2012, and I miss the creativity of having an idea and trying to recreate it with sugar and colour. I'm a little tired of muffins and brownies right now.

Perhaps Tarrin and I can try this for Christmas...

5. Sing/Play Piano
I have been working on an album (in theory) for the last two years. I have songs I have written but not played or sung for a long time. There's little as therapeutic as tickling the ivories (of course, without the additional treble notes played by 10 littler fingers) and warming up these old vocal chords - and while I've been playing in the church band still, it would be nice to pull out some old material and give it a good go.

6. Watch a Movie
Andel will be shocked to see this, because I'm not really a cinema-going person. Still, it would be nice to do a seemingly mindless activity, and sit and watch a wholesome, feel-good movie (preferably on my sofa, in my pyjamas).

7. Coffee Catch Up
Even better: high tea! I've suddenly got an interest in really girlie things like tea parties, and since that was not something I did (at all) in my former years, I quite enjoy having a heart-to-heart over a pot of freshly brewed tea - with some treats on the side!

How good does this look right now?

8. Date Night
I know this should be a priority regardless of my schedule, and Andel and I try to stick to our 'at least one proper date night per month' agreement. It's tricky though: date night (if we want to be alone, like a date night should be) involves finding a night where we and a babysitter are free at the same time, and since Zac is usually looked after at home, we end up going out. I do wish we'd have more of the spontaneous, stay-at-home date nights where we just hang out together.

9. Hair Pamper
For real. I know massages and mani-pedis are great, but if you know me well, you'll know that my all time favourite is having my hair played with, and I could really do (it's both a need and a want) with some time in the salon chair. I don't go often, but there's something so relaxing about sitting with your feet up - a cup of tea in one hand, a magazine in the other - and having someone else do you hair. My eyes are closing just thinking about it...

10. Play
Although I try to play with Zac a bit every afternoon, the truth is: the general exhaustion of each day can make it difficult to be fully present for a long period of time. If I could catch a break I would love to take my relaxed and revitalised self through an endless play session with Zac where we can laugh, run, dance, build, tickle and play until we drop!

Let the countdown begin!


  1. Maybe we could do an English tea party!

  2. Maybe even a cross off a few more of that list over Christmas!

  3. Haai! She can't cross off all the lekker things while she's over there with you...