Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Indulge Me: This Little Piggie...

I really try to avoid turning this blog into a baby brag board, but sometimes, there are things so share-worthy, I ignore my own advice. This post is one such time. Following the sudden passing of an aunt in my extended family, there's been a lot of sadness around, and I thought, considering so many of my family read this blog, this is something in the everyday that can help bring some cheer.

If any of you grew up around my family, you will have at some stage or another, heard the story of the five little pigs. Yes, five - not three (same cast, different story). The story revolves around the shopping and eating habits of these pigs, and they are usually represented by the toes on someone's foot.

Take a listen to the story as told by Jorja (Dec 2011) and Zac (June 2014) and have a good chuckle!