Tuesday, 10 June 2014


In our house, "no" means "no". Unless, of course, you're Zac. Then "no" means "no". And "yes". As well as "maybe", "I don't know", "wait" and just about any other possible answer to every conceivable question.

For a while already Andel and I have considered that Zac's brain may be developing a lot faster than his speech, meaning he's really good at understanding and remembering things (how else is it possible for him to put on the tv, change the source to the hard drive, select the folder called "Zac's Songs" and play the song he wants to hear?), and less good at expressing himself with words (as opposed to loud shrieks and physical outbursts). So when Zac started using "yesh" and "no" in the correct places, we got really excited. Except now, it's more "no" than "yesh" - or any other word, for that matter.

Me: Do you need some help with your sago?
Zac: No!

Zac turns two in a week, and I honestly don't know what to expect. People have been telling me about the "most-times-terrible-sometimes-terrific twos" for almost a year - mostly because Zac has been acting like he's already in his terrible twos. I've seen (so many) throw-yourself-on-the-floor-tantrums, watched people beg their ears not to bleed as Zac screams (happy or sad) at the top of his voice, and even seen some thin days as I run around after a toddler who just doesn't.slow.down. Can there really be more than this?

On the up side: we have the most loving, charming, intellectual little boy. This same wild-child can sit cross-legged on the floor and read me an imaginary story from a sudoku book. When he quietly climbs to the drums at church and begins beating out a recognisable rhythm, his face is a picture of serious concentration that may only secretly be captured on film. And when we've got him ready for bed (after successfully flooding the bathroom with water and belly-aching laughter as Zac tries to dive into the bath), this boy snuggles into my neck and softly whispers "night Anno, night Mama, night Jeshus".

My little book worm

A rare 'action' shot of Zac behind the drums

You thought I was kidding, didn't you?

Some nights he passes out even before he's dressed

Since I'm being truthful: I have to admit that there was a time I was dreading this next phase; wondering what the heck I keep doing wrong, and how on earth I'm going to contain this bundle of energy. However, since identifying and learning about Zac's personality (using tools like Tall Trees) I've experienced a marked reduction in frustration and an exponential increase in genuine enjoyment of motherhood - even during the difficult times.

I have a feeling I'm going to be hearing "no" for a while still. It's likely I'll get a few more not-so-playful bites and smacks, and there're probably still a good couple tantrums for my viewing pleasure. So far though, each new stage with Zac is better than the one before - so bring on those terrific twos!

My almost-two-year-old

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