Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Zac's Birthday Photo Update

This year, Zac's birthday was a bit of a non-event for two reasons. First off, we'd decided pretty early on that we were not going to give him a party this year (he still doesn't really even understand what a birthday is, never mind that he should be insanely excited about his). And then his birthday also happened to fall in the week when our entire family was in quarantine thanks to a rather resistant strain of flu - and there is nothing fun about being around two sick men!

So we bravely sent Zac to school on Wednesday, even though he was not 100%. In retrospect that was probably not the best idea, but with daycare kids, having a birthday without having a person (or a party of sorts) is just not acceptable, so we were a little pressured. Later that afternoon, I left work early while Andel went to the doctor, and I arrived at Bonny Babies to find my baby rather flushed and pap. But with the rest of the brood having woken from their naps, ready for snack time, we had to deliver - and so we did.

Jorja, Madison, Cleo and Olivia waiting for their snacks

Snack time, birthday edition

Nemo birthday cupcakes. Take two.

A smile from an otherwise reluctant birthday boy

Blowing out his candles like a boss!

This cutie makes it all worth while!

While Zac slept through most of the afternoon (and evening) the rest of us had a good time. We had a bit of an extended family reunion when my Gran arrived with two of her sisters - one of them all the way from France, and who desperately wanted to meet the boys - so we decided to do dinner together courtesy of the local fish and chips shop (for old times' sake) and followed it up with hot sago pudding and custard.

Cape Town style fish and chips

I must admit, following on from Jorja's, I quite enjoyed this rather low-key way of celebrating birthdays. I do hope though that next year, Zac is able to enjoy it tons more!

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