Monday, 8 December 2014

UK: Day 3, Day 4 & Day 5

We've just arrived home from a wonderfully relaxing weekend in the Irish countryside with Karl's parents. We left late on Saturday morning with a packed lunch and some scheduled stops along the hour-and-a-half long trip to the Glens.

Our first stop was at Antrim Lough Shore (or "Ducks Paradise" as Andel likes to refer to it) to feed the ducks and geese. Unfortunately, Zac had already fallen asleep and so missed the entire thing, but it was pretty funny for Tarrin and I to watch from the car: what with Karl and Andel trying to avoid being attacked by the birds!

Just before the geese started to attack!

Tarrin and Karl took us on a guided tour of the Glens as we drove through en route to his parents, and when we got there we were welcomed with a warm fire and some tea - which, apart from a short walk to the river, is where we stayed until we went to friends of the Grahams for dinner.

The beautiful Glens

Sheep grazing across the way from Karl's parents' place

Taking a walk to the river

Zac loved being able to splash in the puddles in his wellies

The next morning, despite warnings of cold weather, we bravely set out for the Giants' Causeway. It was a beautiful drive along the coast where in better weather you can see all the way to Scotland. By the time we got there it was pouring with rain and very windy, so Karl and Tarrin stayed indoors with the kids while Andel and I did the tourist thing and took the guided tour.

Walking down to the Giants' Causeway

Tarrin on babysitting duty

Weathering the freezing wind

Zac and Isla running riot in the Visitors' Centre

After a long day in the cold, we decided against going out for dinner, and instead ordered in some pizza from Karl's uncle's restaurant before having an early night. And this morning, we were rewarded with beautiful snow!

Playtime with Karl's Mom in front of the fire

Tarrin roasting again

We took a slow ride home today, stopping at Glenariff Forest Park to see the waterfalls, and trying to take in as much of the snowy white surroundings as possible.

Zac wanting to take a dip?

Andel and Zac at the waterfalls

The village of Cargan covered in snow

Now, with bellies full of roti and curry, and children already dozing off, I reckon we're heading for another early night in. Not that I'm complaining, at all!

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  1. A perfect first holiday weekend! Enjoy the outings, the cold and the snow, and of course the company! Looking forward to meeting Zac, and seeing you all again, soon!