Monday, 15 December 2014

UK: Day 9, Day 10 & Day 11

This past weekend was officially our 'Irish Christmas' with the Grahams. Given that we will no longer be in Ireland over Christmas, and that they themselves will not be in Belfast, we decided that this weekend would be our Christmas one.

Here are some of the highlights in photographs:

Saturday - Belfast City Tour (these pics are courtesy of the world wide web as the camera battery died soon after we boarded the bus)

Before we go anywhere, we play...

...usually with uncle Andel

The Grahams on the bus into town

One of the cathedrals in Belfast

Beautiful Belfast Castle

The Peace Wall that divides part of the city, covered in murals

Crumlin Gaol House

A mural of Madiba

The Titanic Museum

Saturday - our first proper taste of playing in the snow!

White Christmas - check!

Sunday - Christmas lunch with the Grahams and their friends the Fyfes

At the table, stuffed on roast turkey lunch

Isla, Conor, Ewan and Zac in the festive spirit

Karl's Daddy Day Care

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