Thursday, 11 December 2014

UK: Day 8

Today both Tarrin and Karl went into work, and Isla was at school, so we thought we'd venture into the city on our own.

We took the bus into town which Zac, again, was very happy about, particularly because we got a double-decker bus which allowed us to sit right up on top, in the front.

Zac was super happy he got to get out of his pram!

Zac taking a selfie on the bus

The stop in the city was right in front of the Belfast Christmas Market, outside the City Hall, so we stopped there first. Since Andel has started banting with Tarrin again, we didn't stop for any treats, but enjoyed scoping out everyone stalls. I imagine this market must be amazing at night. Hopefully we'll get to see it still.

The entrance to Belfast Christmas Market at City Hall

Some of the sweet treats on offer

Fortunately Zac was not awake to force us onto this

Chocolate heaven!

After the market, since Zac had already fallen asleep, Andel and I decided to just walk around from street to street and see what Belfast City Centre has to offer. Apart from the usual shops and things, it was pretty cool to experience the festivities of a winter Christmas. I have a feeling this may spoil me for future Christmases back home...

At Victoria Square listening to the Christmas choir

A local school choir singing carols

One of the indoor Christmas 'exhibitions'

After much exploring, once Zac had woken, we made a quick stop at the local Starbucks for something warm before heading home. I love how comfortable and fun it was for us to do some walking about on our own. I look forward to doing more of that!

Say cheese!

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