Sunday, 21 December 2014

UK: Day 17 & Day 18

What a weekend! My legs and feet hurt, and I need some serious shut eye after all the shopping and exploring this pregnant non-shopper has done!

Yesterday Aunty Michelle and Kirsty took us to Wembley to the London Designers Outlet to score some retail bargains, and have a look around. The complex is located just next door to the Wembley Stadium, and has an outdoor ice-skating rink and Christmas market set up for this time of year. It's kind of unfortunate that we weren't there in the evening to see all the lights and everything, but then the benefit of going earlier in the day was that it wasn't quite as full as it would have been later.

The facade of London Designers Outlet

Andel in chocolate heaven: the Lindt store

Wembley Stadium with the Christmas Market in front of it

One of the stalls set up at the market

Walking the 'fan walk' to check out the outside section

Trying to catch the beautiful sunset on camera, while driving

Playtime with aunty Michelle

Then today we took it easy. It's the Winter Solstice today, and we took full advantage of the added darkness by sleeping in. As it happens, the world here doesn't wake up until 11h00 anyway, so it wasn't as though we missed out on anything. And only when we were heading back from the stores after lunch did things really start to get busy.

Waiting for the bus

We just had to take this pic to show Yaya

Zac on his first tram ride

Andel trying out a bike trainer in the store - only £85!

Uncle Neil in his element - shopping!
Now we're easing into the evening preparing for 'lunch' (well, it'll probably be dinner), and watching Christmas movies while stuffing our sweet-teeth with chocolates and warm tea. Good grief - we'll need a detox after this!

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